Native Woodland Conservation

Native woodland conservation:

Forest and tree services have developed a keen understanding of this scheme to both satisfy the owners expectations and the scheme compliance requirements as laid out under this Forest Service scheme. We work closely with the Owner , Ecologist, relevant state and semi state bodies to design, plan and manage suitable site for improvement or conservation. We have gained experience both privately and through working as part of the Coillte Bio-class team to come up with management strategies for these woodland types.


Native Woodland Conservation Scheme, which promotes the appropriate restoration of existing native woodland (including the conversion of non-native forest to native woodland), through the provision of financial support to forest holders towards the cost of appropriate works. Support is provided in the form of grant payment for approved restoration works and (for private Applicants) a 7-year annual premium payment of up to €350/ hectare.


Projects under NWS Conservation will typically comprise the following approaches

• Existing ‘high forest’ native woodland requiring appropriate restoration works (e.g. removal of individual or groups of non-natives, removal of invasive exotics, protection against deer and / or livestock).


• The conversion of existing conifer forest to native woodland (e.g. the removal of uniform Sitka spruce plantation adjoining a sensitive watercourse, deer fencing, and reforestation with native woodland, through planting and / or natural regeneration).


• Existing scrub constituting emergent woodland that is predominantly native (e.g. protective fencing, removal of non-natives and invasive exotics, and respacing).


• NWS Conservation also has a particular application in relation to the protection of watercourses and aquatic habitats and species - see Annex 6 for details.