Forest Roads


Forest and Tree Service seek approval and provide a  quality service to landowners in relation to the layout and construction of forest roads, and any associated special construction works. 

This scheme provides opportunities for forest owners to improve access, facilitate forest management and the harvesting of timber. Grant aid is available to cover up to 100% of allowable cost subject to the maximum allowance of €40 per linear meters. Additional funding is available for Bell mouth entrances, entrances which are below the public road level and special construction works , namely bridges over water courses.

Scheme Summary

  • Grant aid available to construct new roads in order to service plantations
  • Allowance of €40.00 per linear meter
  • Network of 25 linear meters per productive forestry hectare
  •  Additional bell mouth allowance of 20 meters
  • Additional 30 meter allowance whereby the bell mouth entrance is 2 meters below the public road entrance.
  • Special construction works (SCW) will be eligible for grant aid at a maximum value of €5,000 per application or 50% of the cost of the SCW whichever is the smaller
  • An engineer may be required where lengths exceed 500 meters